We’re enjoying the sunshine in lovely Burlington, VT today, but our thoughts are still back with these places – the Sugar Maple House and the Oak Hill Farmhouse – the top 2 contenders on our list so far.

We’re seeing another property on Monday, but these two have been what we’ve compared everything else to, until now – when we’ve started comparing them to each other as we consider potentially making an offer before the spring/summer real estate season picks up. Both sellers seem to be in situations where they might consider a drastically lower offer – so we’re pitting them against each other to figure out which one we prefer.

I already know that if we pick one, there’ll be things I miss about the other. There’s just something I love about that Sugar Maple house that makes me feel like it’s mine – the kitchen with the fireplace, the little cedar-shingled addition. The sweeping views off the front and back. But I’m also drawn to the ‘finished’ product over at the other house — the built ins, the guest rooms, the barn and paddocks, though it’s setting isn’t as majestic.

All this aside, there’s still the question of which place might actually accept our crazy offer. One might flat out reject it, defaulting us to the other place. Or both could decide to (continue to) hold tight for an offer closer to their asking price. So it all hangs in the balance.

And there’s still the whole business of seeing if our landlords will let us cut out a few months early (which our Realtor, who is friends with our landlords, assures us will be fine), but being landlords ourselves, I still have anxiety over it.

So here’s to making an old-fashioned pro/con list:

Hm. I’m still torn.