As promised, here are some photos of the Sugar Maple House walkthrough….

It’s cute, the views and space (although smaller) are among the best we’ve seen (okay, the Yellow/White house wins here, but negative 10 points for the powerline issues). This place is a bit high on the price side (we think), but given that it’s been on the market for 450 days, and the owners have vacated… there might be some serious wiggleroom.

The downstairs is killer. The rooms are generous (huge), the fireplaces are ample, the outdoor space is super promising. The upstairs is where it gets a bit dicey. Rooms are moderately sized (14×14 squares) – which get a bit crunchy for a master when there is little or no existing closet space (so you need to grab room space for wardrobes, dressers…), but it’s the bathroom upstairs that’s the real clincher – it’s eensy weensy. Maybe even tinier than our last house, if that’s at all possible. It has a small standup shower, a little vanity and toilet, and that’s all that fits — it even opens/closes with a pocket door. A bit meager, in our book, to service the entire upstairs, and if you wanted to take a bath (or for smaller kids), you’d need to go clear downstairs to the dining room(?!) for that. SO. A project would be combining two of the smaller bedrooms into a generously-sized master, and adding a real bathroom and closet. But again, that’s $$.

So it’s not a resounding YES!, but it’s not a no either. That downstairs and outdoor areas ROCK, but we want to make sure we’re investing in a place that other people would want to buy (in the future) too, and we don’t have to drop a ton of cash just to ‘make it normal’ because, god knows, we’ve been there and done that. 🙂

(click on the thumbnails individually if you need to expand to see detail, etc.)