Here are some long awaited inside pics of the Yellow and White House on the Hill. Finally, yesterday, we got in and took pics. We had a perfectly sun-filled day to get out and house-scout, and this house couldn’t look any brighter and cheerier for being vacant, don’t you think?

But, sigh… this place I’ve rhapsodized for so long may just wind up being someone else’s dreamplace. I’d be willing to overlook all the work needing doing for the sheer possibilities of the place … the furnace, the appliances, the wallpaper-stripping and painting, purchasing bathtubs and showers and vanities and light fixtures. That work would be worth it. It’s big, it’s square and makes sense to a modern person (you know what rooms are what rooms, and things are spacious, not leaving you to wonder  ‘wait, is this the master… or….?”

What might *not* make it worth it, would be the way the land value would crash when our local electric company (will probably win despite the huge public outcry) to put increased voltage lines as part of the Northern Pass Project where lines already are heading into a transformer just across the treeline. Ugh.

SO. It’s my challenge to find something I love INSIDE as much as that house (and hey, maybe even mechanically more ‘done’) … but it’ll be tough (in our pricerange).

Keep tuned… later… (hopefully today) I’ll have pics of the Maple Sugar House, which we saw right after this one. It’s nice. Parts of it are AWESOME and parts are semi-wonky. It’s not slam-dunk, but it’s a big contender.