So, this new place I’m dreaming about…  It’s gone overlooked until now. This place popped up in a saved search, and I’d originally dismissed it – having only 1.99 acres, it  fell below my 2 acre + search command. But a feeling of desperation had come over  me — I felt like we were out of cool places to look at, and I really needed to find something to love more than the Yellow and White house. It was going to be challenging. So, on Saturday, we drove back up to the area to do some power line sleuthing and wanted to throw a few other B-list places on the drive-by list. And it turns out, this puppy seems like a gem.

Meet: The Maple Sugar House

It was vacant, so of course, we pulled over, and I climbed through the melting snowbanks to catch a few shots. (I wear snowboots for these runs… you just never know!)

And … inside. These I’m borrowing from the online listing, since, obviously we haven’t formally toured yet.

So yeah… I’m pretty smitten right now. And I haven’t been wrong (yet) about liking houses on the inside that I’ve successfully scouted this close on the outside. Some drivebys just don’t whelm us … and this one did. An especially fab thing about this property: the view across the street. It’s breathtaking — a huge field that cuts away to the sloping mountains in the distance – it’d be a million dollar view in the Fall. So we’d need to see whose land that is and make sure there aren’t impending plans for some view-obstructing buildings. The price is closer to being right, especially since we might need to consider building some sort of barn on the back of the garage for the potential horse/animals we might one day have. I am a tad concerned about the acreage on this one, but hopefully that’s something we can learn when we tour (exactly where the lot line begins/ends, especially since this house does have neighbors relatively close on both sides.) So, who knows. I’m getting my hopes up, but you know what … we could learn that OOPS there’s a nuclear reactor in the forest behind the place or CRAP it’s built over Indian Burial Mounds.

I mean … it could be anything.


Or maybe not?!