This week has just gotten away from me … between Jed traveling to four different states in the past few days for work, to working on new incoming orders, even adding an evening photo class into the mix, it’s just been a busy one.

A few updates… we’ve found a doggie daycare for little Darby a for two half-days during the week. It’s close, cheap, and for small pups only, so he gets his dose of play, while Poppy and I have a chance to chill in silence, or play without him. She really does perk up when he’s not around, which is fun and kinda sad all at the same time. I hope she doesn’t hate us forever because he’s quashing her style.

We squeezed in a trip to the beach, where Poppy got to romp on the sand, and there are few things she loves more…

And… there was photo class. It was really interesting (actually, more so than I expected…) – and I even have some homework to do (will put that off until tomorrow.) We went over the history of cameras (in a way that mattered learning-wise to how a digital SLR works today), got a bit of a walk-through on our menus / where to find things, took a few test shots, and got our homework assignment.






And finally …. what’s a a week without some house scouting?

We drove by the Yellow and white house, and were able to snap a few more shots…

This is all through the glass garage door (see far right), so things are a bit glare-y. The kitchen is off to the left, in obvious need of spiffing. See the huge brick oven in the center, the dining/laundry off to the right, and you see the stairs going up through the family room area. The 3rd pic is the garage from the door, and the door going in from the ‘workspace’ area/door in from the other side.

Nothing revolutionary, but it might help paint a bit more of a picture. Speaking of pictures… we did a bit more investigating…

The lines of the left are the ones to the right of property. They are very vaguely visible through the treeline. The lines pictured in the middle are ones that run to the top of the property (and actually, another house is even closer than our potential house to these smaller lines.) Both of these were less of a concern to us than the photo on the right — the transformer, which could be heard, vaguely, with a very low hum (almost like someone was mowing their lawn several blocks away on a quiet day.) It was noticeable only in the dead silence, and wasn’t worse than living near a highway or airport, or whatever…. but there wouldn’t ever be just simply the sounds of nature, if you know what I’m sayin’ …

SO. That’s something to think about, and has certainly spoiled my dreams of a quiet mountain-view retreat. It’s not totally off the list, but it would need to come at a rock-bottom price. Maybe.


But, guess what. We found another house I’m kinda crushing on right now, but it really deserves it’s own post….

Here’s a teaser: