I’m just going to summarize our last few walkthroughs in one little bit here… MEH. Not even amazing enough to warrant little day-by-day breakouts…

If you’re curious… here goes (pics in order.)

  • The Blue Colonial with gorgeous cedar barn started with an amazing vaulted-ceiling addition over the barn. I was super excited, because it was on a fabulous lot, overlooking a pond and another fabulous estate. And then, it started going downhill fast. The main house was OLD and felt it. It had low ceilings, wacky rooms in crazy paint colors (I know, it’s just paint… but it didn’t help) and a creepy upstairs hallway.  It sprawled out for what seemed like 4500sf … (right, it was.) and it was a big fat NO.
  • The White 2007 house was every bit vanilla as it looked. It reminded me of every house I babysat in in college – smelled new, looked new, and the only color was the mountain of kids’ toys that piled up in each room. Other than that, it was nice, if you’re into that sort of thing…
  • The Yellow house was a big fat pass. It alleged three bedrooms, but I only counted two. And not that it mattered, given how the whole place was stuck in a 1970’s timewarp and the rest of the house didn’t have enough redeeming qualities to merit remodeling.
  • And finally, the Blue Colonial farmhouse. This one was interesting, and we were met by the Irishman who lived there, as he ‘popped a roast in the stove’ (showing us just the right way to dress it and cook it), before he ran out to pick up his wife from work. It was a sweet house — filled (literally STOCKED) to the brim with all their nicknacks, from what seemed like millennia. Smaller rooms were dwarfed by huge furniture pieces, floorboards not only creaked (charming), but sprung (concerning…)… This place had potential – I’m not doubting that, but I had a *really* hard time envisioning it through all their crap. And bottom line, there were a few rooms that would need some opening-up, including a bathroom … and … I’m not sure I’m in love that much with this place to do so. The barn was very nice, though, and they had a massive garage that could hold 4 cars, easily. But it’s closer to the West than we’d hoped …
  • Wondering where the Big White Colonial with Blue Shutters is? Well, we arrived and the owner insisted that she had cancelled, as she was sick. I got a peek in the house as billows of smoke wafted out on the porch, and saw alot of wood panelling. Who knows… maybe we’ll go back, but first I’d have to add up the cost of smoke removal.

As you can imagine, we’re still comparing everything to the Yellow/White house on the Hill.

Stay tuned, I’m going to post something, complete with the pics I have, as well as some other details on it. I know it’s been a bit short on photos since my old camera crapped out the day we visited. I’ll do my best to get a posting up with as many photos, etc as I can. We’re planning on re-visiting next week if we can, to make sure we’re as interested as we think we are. Nothing gets me itching to buy a house and renovate/decorate more than being cooped up in a rental with mauve countertops… I’m just sayin’.

::: and for those who are monitoring accountability, it is in fact Monday. And I’m happy to report that I’m down 1.1 lbs from last week. Yay! I’m actually a bit surprised given some of the excesses of the week, but I’ll take it! Back on the bandwagon for another week… it’s going to be tough to cut through these stubborn next few lbs. :::