It’s 20 acres of potential, my friends.

We’ve done all our comparing against this place… the one I found on a random internet search, the one we drove out one snowy Sunday to prospect …. it’s as close as we’ve seen to our ‘New England Farm Dreamhouse’. Situated on the top of a hill with mountain views, it’s centered between 20 cleared and wooded acres. It features gracious rooms, a surprisingly modern floorplan, and tons of old-house patina just waiting to be polished up.

My old camera was a bit temperamental on the day we visited, so we’re going off a few pictures, several outdoor stalkings, and a floorplan rendering from memory. Ready?

Here’s the front again… study those windows and doors.

And here’s  — by memory — the floorplan inside.

Here’s a shot of the family room –

Note that doorway on the side of the fireplace, it’s a bit weird and we’ll discuss later.

Here’s a shot from the other side. The sliders go out to a patio and on the other side of the built-ins is a dining area. I *love* the wide-board flooring. Not so much the paneling, but with some paint…?

See that brick surface poking into the dining room? It wraps into the kitchen (where I’m standing) and looks something like this, except on a corner.  (This is a shaky pic from a different house, but the same idea) …. Anyone know what this is, or how it was used? 

The kitchen is on the smaller side and in definite need of help — it needs a full re-do, but we’ve got some experience in that, and the end result could be really good.


Remember that weird door in the family room? It enters a weird/small/old vestibule with stairs that go up to the 4th bedroom and backs up to the kitchen (which has since been closed off, and cabinets/drywall put over the spot.) The 2nd front door (on the yellow side) opens into this spot. That’s right, if you peer through the sidelights, you’ll see an odd closet/staircase going up.


The downstairs – overall – a huge thumbs up. It has a first floor laundry, each room is square and spacious and has several windows. The kitchen enters into the huge garage (2 cars plus workshop). The other ‘wing’ of the house (the white part) holds a spacious living room, study/craft space and halfbath behind the staircase.

This is the front room, the ‘living room’ off the left of the foyer. Take a gander at those moldings. GORGEOUS. The wallpaper… interesting, but probably not a keep.


And here’s where this gets a bit sketch… Upstairs. We KNOW it has four bedrooms, and we know there are two on the ‘white side’ and two on the ‘yellow side.’ We also know their dimensions, amount of windows, and that there are two full baths. We also know the ‘vestibule’ on the first floor has stairs up to the 4th bedroom … but from there – it gets a bit foggy. This will all become clearer when we redo the walkthrough, this time with a reliable camera.

But here’s the best I can remember:

There is also a walkup attic entrance somewhere, and the attic is positively dreamworthy… think ‘grandma’s attic’ with trunks, hats, old beams and exposed chimneys. It’s also at least full-standing height with two windows. Possibility for finishing, if you needed more space(?)…

So… that’s what I’ve been dreaming about all weekend.


I decided to check out the property on Google maps to uncover *exactly* what 20 acres looks like… and I stumbled up on this:

The farm is circled in red … but do you know what that glaring white bit is? ….  a transformer for our electricity provider, and power lines on the right and top border (the ‘mowed’ part).

SO. I’m not really sure what this means for …  resale (I guess we’re guarded against developers!), safety, and general price.

I’m SHOCKED (pardon the pun)… We couldn’t see these lines AT ALL the three times we’ve been. They don’t technically cross the property at all, but I’m not sure the house is at a safe distance, or what even a safe distance is? I’ve been scouring the web to see if we can get more details on risks associated with living near these types of lines, or what a ‘safe’ EMF reading is (not the ghost kind…:)).

So, we have some investigation to do…. nothing’s certain, and we can’t jump to conclusions here, but it certainly puts a wrench in my excitement at the prospects of renovating this beauty…