Finding real friends is so hard when you’re not ….. well… like everyone else.

We constantly ask ourselves … where ARE all the 30-somethings? (ha! – they’re at home with their kids!)

To try our hand at meeting some like-minded folks, we started volunteering at the Farmer’s Market every other weekend. There are some great people there — some young, some old –  a few couples in our age range, a few college-age singles and a few retirees. We work for 2 hrs or so, but in the end, everyone just heads out to shop and leave. How do we turn this situation around?

While we’ll continue volunteering there (it’s the closest thing to friends we have — people we’ve seen THREE times!!!) I’ve been thinking – we need to find some of OUR people… people like us, that can get into things like we do … but here’s what we’re facing:

  • We’re not big hikers/outdoorspeople … though we will try, I just don’t think we’ll ever be as passionate as some people seem to be around here about spending weeks hiking the AT, wearing biking gear ala Lance Armstrong, or running the ironman. (When we moved in, we were actually asked by neighbors if we ran marathons like our landlords did  …. Uhhh…)
  • We’re not parents. I think this would lend itself to an easy way to belong. You meet other young parents at events, classes, meetups, playdates, etc. and talk about your equally adorable offspring. So… not so much for us, in this department. A reason, but perhaps not strong enough solely, to reproduce.
  • We’re not hippy farmers. Though we have aspirations of buying a home with acreage, planting a serious garden, composting, having our own chickens, even owning perhaps a horse or two in the future  – being the model homesteader is, well, just not us. I have an EAT LOCAL bumper sticker (on my fridge), but let’s face it — we’re just never going to be THOSE people. I like to wear mascara. Jed works (and earns a chunk of our living) in Sales. I don’t want to be a poser, but… yeah.
  • I’m not a Hard-core Crafter. Yep I make my livelihood on selling on Etsy, but I can’t knit, crochet, or scrapbook worth a darn. I actually got invited to a little crafty-girls get-together each weekend to… wait for it … KNIT. ARGHHG! I haven’t picked up needles since college… (gasp … nearly 10 years ago), so I’m not sure how this will fare.

So… where do you meet new friends? Hope for fabulous neighbors? We’ve looked on and found groups for Singles, 40-something Divorcees, avid bikers/hikers, and dime-a-dozen Pagan-Wiccan dance circles  (though the Scottish-Style Dance Group just down the road seemed intriguing, all of the photos of the participants were all well above 50… and in kilts.)

So the search goes on. Maybe I’ll learn flash-knitting in the next several days… or some young, hip farmers at the market will invite us back to have a pint and talk about their early days. Maybe I’ll pick up some cool friends at my upcoming photography class.

But it’s all… SUCH WORK to find friends.

When did it become this hard?