So… let’s switch topics from of moving and houses, for a change, eh?

Inspired by another post by Big Girl/Little Girl (and okay, I promise I’m going to follow this … for real … this time.) I’m going to use this blog as a bit of an accountability check in my Spring Shapeup.

Long Winter hours of hovering over a desk (not a good sustained position to strengthen your core, turns out…) have left me a bit softer feeling than I’d like. So here’s the deal – I have a 7 week goal. I’m going to ditch 1lb per week to reach a goal before our friends come in late March! Sound good? It’ll be a good start towards gearing up for some future beach weather and not feel like I have to do a doubletake on my butt in sundresses, tank tops, and swimsuits. I’m still hovering around a really comfy weight for me (the same  – give or take  –  that I’ve been at for years now), so it’s going to take some serious self control with food and discipline when it comes to the gym to push through these pounds!

And you know what… I’m already 1 week in and lost 1.3 pounds!

My goals? Drink more water. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week (running for 30 / weights for 30), and focus on eating smaller portions. And also -biggie here – watch gratuitous snacking, empty calorie drinks  – especially after dinner, when I tend to zone out/get bored.

We’re cooking in more, I’ve given up my dessert habit (after the Whole Living cleanse we did in January…. amazing!!!) and even Jed has been onboard cutting all processed food out of our diets. It’s a start.

SO… here’s to accountability. I’ll post my loss(hopefully!) for the week on Monday AM… and hopefully this will be that extra kick in the butt to say NO when I need to … and YES (like, “should I go to the gym today when I don’t want to?) when I need to, too!