…we had settled on a house way out of our Pricerange – we see more. Several, actually that we’d driven past in our weekly ‘drive-bys.’

It was *such* a good day looking at houses. We found a few good options, some things to seriously think about (smaller, cozier floorplans… a few quirky layouts… definitely bigger lots (we looked at 4-20 acres), decidedly more work, and price tags ranging  +/- $100k). So, we’re all over the board here, folks. A tiny insignificant detail huge glitch was my decision ‘not to lug around’ the new bigger camera, instead bringing the old temperamental one. Yep.  Stress temperamental. It took a full 14 photos of the whole day…. UGH.

Anyway… our hunch about the house on the hill wasn’t off, actually.  And we’re SO not getting our hopes up or mentally moving in… AT ALL.


SO much potential here. Seriously.

The lot is to die for, and the house is such gorgeousness waiting to be realized by a few caring homesteaders, such as us. Too bad it was stripped of basic living essentials in the foreclosure process. That’s right … no fridge, dishwasher, oven, washer/dryer … even some light fixtures and bathroom vanities/tubs were gone. Yikes.  So if, indeed, we do make an offer — we need to keep a pretty cushy budget in mind for stocking the place with appliances, etc. We’re doing a market analysis on the place to see how things end up, but we’ve got our eyes on this hilltop estate.

AND… AND! …. we found an engraved door knocker with the name ‘Morningstar Farms’ etched on!!! :::SIGH:::  Love it . I’m super pumped about the opportunity (even how ridiculous it seems) to *name* a property here.

Stay tuned… our next contender is 200+ years newer and named “Innisfree” …. Really???