Let’s depart from old houses for a minute, and get modern, shall we?  Practically modern, this next beauty was built in 1949 – the newest house we walked through …

Oh, this house was picture-perfect. Not your typical late 40’s-early 50’s property, it has been in the family since it was built, by hand in 1949 using local granite from a quarry down the street. The walls were 18” thick stone, and if you take a gander in the photo below- check out those fabulous deep windowsills… positively amazing. The selling agent describes this house as meticulous, and he couldn’t be more spot-on. It was.

Take a look inside…

These owners (who we’re told are spending more time at their Ski house up North) have spared literally no expense. Each window had been replaced with top-of-the-line low-E replacements, floors redone, everything hand-crafted with meticulous care. The kitchen updated fully with dovetailed cabinets, granite countertops, new tile. The floor-plan was sensible, generous… the rooms were large, it had Central AC, and the basement… the basement was amazing. You could see the granite walls, and how they followed the natural curves of the land — where they found a patch of solid granite, they just went around it. It was like walking through a museum display (Our agent said that some people put up little train sets on these mini ‘mountains’) The sellers had recently poured a concrete floor, bought a new furnace… and for an old basement, it was downright delicious. (It’s shadowy, but the original hand crane they used to lower the granite blocks still sits in the far corner…and yes, it’s staying with the house.)

So what are the drawbacks, you ask? It’s pricey (for us)… and although nothing needs to be done less stripping wallpaper… that’s kind of a drawback for us too. It felt perfect. A little too perfect.  One (to us) serious drawback was that the land wasn’t really suited for our pseudo-farm aspirations, and had a bit more ‘neighborhood’ feel to it, although it wasn’t in a neighborhood per-say. And it was pricey, and kind of felt that it deserved the price it was given. Who knows what it’ll sell for, or how low it might drop… We’ll keep our eye on it, but we’re moving on.

Next… I’ll skip the ‘meh’ reproduction Cape I had high hopes for, seeing how I only took 3 pictures of it, and cut to the chase! The FAB Farmhouse with exposed beams, huge eat-in kitchen, guest quarters, summer kitchen, hottub, barn, garage, three remodeled bathrooms, woodstove, neighbors who share horse pastures… need I go on? 🙂