A memorable year, 1710…

Did you know, in 1710 (or the years right around it):

  • St. Francis Abbey Brewery in Kilkenny Ireland is founded by John Smithwick, of Smithwick’s Ale — which we still drink today
  • The Clarinet was first used in an orchestra
  • High heels and large curled wigs were in fashion, for both men and women
  • The fine-pointed syringe was first invented for surgery
  • Queen Anne ruled Great Britain, who just three years earlier united with Scotland.
  • Jane Austen hasn’t even been born… it’d be another 65 years until her birth!

And the second house on our list was rebuilt on the grounds of the first property  – which was built 25 years earlier, in 1685.

I had high hopes for this one. Really, I did. The pictures online were adorable — the classic white clapboard, center chimney puffing away, a wood stove, beamed ceilings, original mouldings… I was really pumped to possibly own such a piece of history – to say that the house *I* lived in was over 300 years old. SO COOL!

Let’s go inside…

There was some charm – I’ll give you this. But I’m not sure where they put all those alleged 2400sf, because this place felt TINY. The rooms were cramped and difficult to arrange furniture, the kitchen – which was in an addition done at a more recent time- was completely dated (in a bad 1970s way), things just didn’t click. The room in the top left of the picture had a serious sloping problem, and when we went outside, our Realtor schemed as to why — the house was built into a hill, and would likely need to have the foundation around that portion rebuilt as three feet of snow easily piled up near the roof creating water damage to the foundation. They actually had to dig their windows out. The bedrooms were teensy (that’s the best shot I could get) … and it all just didn’t click for me… (oh, and it had a birthing room. A 9×10 BIRTHING ROOM, which was used for… um… birthing? and housing sick kids.)

Again, I had high hopes – and it was definitely in the pricerange, though we thought it was still overpriced for that work involved and the condition overall.


Up next? A pristine 1940’s BEAUTY hand-built from the basement (blasted from granite) up!