It was about time to get out.

After spending days, weeks — inside, working, snowed in — we were craving a chance to scoot out of town, check out some sights, and take in what New England had to offer. After spying a features in Country Living, we decided to head to out Brattleboro, VT – about a 2 hour drive west of us, just on the Western border of New Hampshire.


Let me just say this — it’s too bad Jed’s boss said that he’d, quote “be fired” if we lived in Vermont. (She might have been kidding… but we don’t want to test it.) It’s true… there’s not much there. But in our book, that’s a good thing.

Brattleboro is a small town –  about 12,000, and is the oldest town in Vermont. That said, it’s pretty progressive — filled with quaint shops, used bookstores, coffeeshops, antique outlets, and a few town pubs. We wandered the streets – dodging pellets of freezing rain – and finally decided to pop into the famous local McNeill’s Brewery – where we found a few friendly locals – amazing craft beers (the Stout for Jed, the old Ringworm ale for me), and a talkative bar-mate who shared his basket of pistachios and tales living in Vermont. He was a Biologist-turned-furniture maker who was an avid biker, hiker, and had completed the entire Appalachian trail on foot one summer. We were joined later by a chef getting off work – he’d grown up on a goat farm and prided himself on local food, and when he asked the bartender to put on some Mumford and Sons, we all hunkered down with another beer and more conversation …


I feel like Vermont and I might be made for each other, but until then — we’re house hunting in New Hampshire. Tomorrow our Realtor will pick us up to tour a few houses in the area – and who knows what will unfold. Maybe we’ll not be thrilled with our visits. And maybe we’ll be in love. We’re seeing things from the 1780s to the 1980s, so it should be quite the cross- section of work involved vs. price vs. acreage vs. possibility.

AND *allegedly* I get my new Camera tomorrow! I’ll probably bring Old Unfaithful tomorrow instead, but I’ll be sure there’s pictures to post (since I’m failing miserably at the assignments I committed to last week…) …