Despite battling a round of the Winter cold/flu courtesy of my lovely husband, it was a lovely Birthday weekend… a bit unconventional, seeing how we celebrated without family or friends, and on Sunday instead of today…

But alas, we’re still in Detox mode, but gave it all up yesterday for a delicious dinner at the famous Dolphin Striker restaurant in Portsmouth (so good, despite the slightly corked bottle of wine Jed actually sent back. Put that down as a first — we’re now on the registry of Official Wine Snobs.)

And of course, the highlight of Sunday was definitely our Sleigh Ride…

We took a 1 hour ride through the woods in a two-horse open sleigh. It was a lovely crisp day – clear and sunny… Snugged under a heavy wool blanket, we were nice and warm as we glided across the snow. SO nice…


And Sunday finished with opening PRESENTS! I got a lovely cashmere scarf and hat from Jenna and my parents, and <credit for a> camera from Jed,  which is super great, since my current camera is <while I love it> held together with a bit of duct tape and is very grumpy in the cold, which is why I didn’t get a pic of us in the sleigh… Even so, I do love that camera- it’s nice big lens, the fabulous flip out screen (so we can take better hold-out-at-arms-length self portraits) and most important – the super macro function, which I use for shop photography. It’s a nice stick-in-your purse size, is easy to use, and is a nice mid-point between the pocket point-and-shoot and a DSLR.

So, here’s the tough part… what should I get next? Getting it fixed would be several hundred dollars, so I might as well apply it towards something newer. My contenders are the Canon Powershot Sx30IS – essentially the updated version of my current camera, or a finally step up to a DSLR – the Canon Rebel EOS Xsi . Now… that would be a step for me, because – literally  – I have no idea how to use it. I’d be going on the assumption that it would be able to do much better things than the Powershot, and I’d need to learn how to do all those things in a class somewhere (which might be a nice way to get out, meet people, etc…) But even so, that’s a big investment (camera, lens, classes…) for a not-quick solution. And — photo friends correct me here — I believe to shoot in Macro on the DSLR, I’d need to buy a Macro Lens – which HOO BOY! — isn’t a drop in the bucket, either.

So. Decision time… any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations?