I asked for it, and we got it… at least 18 inches on Tuesdsay, and another dusting tonight. Really, it’s our first snow this whole season… we’ve seen it, driven through it, and watched it melt in our travels all over creation this past month, but this snowfall has been the first we’ve been able to sit, watch, and enjoy.

Really, it’s been a nice excuse to not go anywhere — to huddle down in front of the fire with laptops – doing business from home… It’s been great not to have to worry about a commute, scraping a freezing-cold car in the morning, or dealing with driving in the snow… I *love* just getting up, seeing everything covered in white outside my window, and throw a robe on to go down ‘to the office’ to get our oil heater crankin’ for the day’s work.

Needless to say, at least ONE of our pups rather enjoys the snow – and even when it’s as tall as he is, Darby BOUNDS in the snow like an antelope – playing with the snow almost like it’s another dog… Jed even stomped out a little ‘labyrinth’ for him in the backyard so he can zip around, enclosed by snowbanks… it’s like a little dog track for our own pooches.


After spending a solid three hours shoveling the driveway, then waving over the neighbor’s Plow-guy to do a better job than we could, he knocked it out for $30 in less than 5 minutes. GEEZ. At least we got a bit of a workout…. and a cold, as it turns out. My immunities finally wore down enough to let the cold that Jed had been (and is still) battling affect me – and I succumbed the chills, sore throat, and body aches (though I still attribute them to shoveling.)

So all in all – a good week. Nice and relaxing. We’ve spent the week cooking and cooking, and it seems – hardly eating anything. I’m getting a bit tired of veggies, oats, dried apricots and almonds. I still want hostess cakes, brownies, wine, fruit leathers, … Wait! I think fruit leathers actually qualify on the detox! <note to self>… BUT, the cravings are definitely lessened. I’m pretty proud, actually. This week, we haven’t had any sweets, wheat, juice, bread, anything processed, anything with preservatives, milk, eggs, cheese, pop, artificial sweeteners OR sugar… no coffee. No WINE. And I do feel a bit healthier. Monday, we’re supposed to be able to start re-introducing wheat, but I think we might take the day ‘off’ (within reason) for my big BDAY! (holee cow…. 31!!!)

Anyway… here’s to a good weekend and the exciting few days ahead!