It’s Day 1 of our Detox around here after 3 weeks and 3 rounds of Holiday excess… I found Whole Living magazine while killing time at Barnes and Noble in Dallas, and thought that the food-based Detox they offered sounded challenging, but doable.

After a shopping trip today to two different stores to find ingredients such as Toasted Sesame Oil, Soba Noodles, Rutabagas, and Quinoa, and spending more than two hours cooking lunch and dinner, not to mention prep, cleanup and dishes…

Day 1 is done.

And I’m hungry.

The Detox (for the 1st week) eliminates all added sugars, sugary foods, dairy, wheat & bread, eggs, alcohol, preservatives, sweeteners/artificial sugars, and… pretty much anything that isn’t a vegetable, fruit, or lean meat.

So that’s precisely what we ate today… lunch was Soba noodles with chicken, cucumber, and green pepper, which actually came out much tastier than I expected… snack/dessert was nuts and dried apricots and dinner was baked wild Salmon with Green Lentils, Onion and Carrot, drizzled with olive oil and lemon. Also very good…

But I won’t lie… I want chocolate. And wine. Dessert is a STANDARD for me — for every meal. So even though I’m swapping in Bing Cherries (which I love), it just isn’t the same.

The goal is to cut the cravings for crappy food, reset your body to like more natural/wholesome food, and also apparently cut your appetite. But it’s hard work — especially right now — when it’s 11pm, and I’m starving.

So, Day 1 Down… 6 more to go until we start adding back in some easier foods.  And yes, I did just hear my stomach grumble.