So yesterday we embarked on a Christmas card photo shoot, and where better to set up a fabulous New Hampshire scene than our very own Coastline!


We drover over to Rye Beach and set up camp on a little patch of coast in hopes for the perfect shot. The weather was warm for the season- nearly 50, and we had nice vaguely sunny / slightly overcast day – perfect for photos! Without our Annual team of Mom the Photographer and Dad the Dog-ear pricker, we were hoping for the best.

We found these fabulous HUGE driftwood logs we could both balance the camera on AND sit on for our photo. With some precarious balancing, dog wrangling, and log-balancing, we snapped a few good ones… but there were also the bloopers…


This was actually our first photo, and :::ahem::: half of us look fine.

And then this one, whereafter I decided to ditch the floppy hat, and we decided to stop choking Darby.
And this one, where I try to control Darby’s ear so he doesn’t look like a maniac Hyena.
The camera beat me on that one…
And it didn’t seem to work, and it looks like we’re losing Poppy….

I love this one.
If Darby had his own Christmas card, it would look like this.
Anyway… We were finally rescued by a few good shots, and another couple looking to swap turns as the Photographer…
Merry Christmas from Rye Beach, New Hampshire!