WHEW It’s been busy around here… I live, breathe, wake, sleep … dream about making stamped things. The past few weeks has been all in prep for this art show/craft fair/holiday shop that took place the weekend of Thanksgiving <awesome timing!! NOT> , and so I’ve been furiously trying to keep on top of my own orders, as well as make stuff for the booth.

Because it was my first show, I also had to figure out *how* to display my stuff (harder to do it in an interesting way than say – with antiques or pillows or sweaters or… BIG things) , and then there was the business of buying of table cloths, tables, making things to sell, pricing things, printing order forms, designing and printing a display to sell my pet tags, and getting enough stuff to populate the whole thing….

Here’s how we mocked it up at home:

There were two tables- a long and a square, and one featured tags, and one … everything else.

But, upon getting there, we realized the space didn’t have a wall or anything outlining the bounds except tape on the floor, so we had to switch it up.

And, after our square table came crashing down when a leg gave out (oops!)  – all we ended up losing was the cheap champagne glasses being used to display charms. S0, after the first night, I decided the booth didn’t have the ‘chi’ that motivated buyers, we re-designed the whole thing and made it into an L shape, where we sat behind and buyers could peruse upfront.


All in all, it was good. I came out on top, I think. I didn’t do the actual dollars in / dollars out, but I’m sure we’re in the black. As far the worth of  time and energy, I’m not so sure. THOUGH, we did meet a few cool people *and* scored an invite to a party that another vendor (a teacher moonlighting as a knitter) is having after the Christmas Parade in Exeter. Young childless people! Drinks! A parade! YAY! So I felt pretty good about that, as making friends was kinda the point.

And I think the best compliment was not from the customers (though those feel good too), but from the other vendors – who were WAY more Profesh than me. I had graphic designers come over and ask who did my design. I had an illustrator come over and compliment my creativity… nearly everyone who came over just gushed that everything was so original, so neat, just *so* cool. So that felt really good.

I guess it pays off not to be a knitter, in the end. 🙂

And so, now I have lots of leftover pieces that didn’t sell, but no worries – they’re going up on etsy and will be mailed off same day! YAY! I’ve already unloaded a few of these Runner’s KeyBars – which should be huge out here since everyone runs marathons.
So… back to posting. And filling orders. And… how many days until Christmas?!?