I haven’t been able to post up pics of the Office/Studio, because… well, it hasn’t been clean. And It’s been busy. And that’s an understatement. Since my 1000th(!!!) sale in early October, I’ve had over 300 orders… and many of those multiples.

So…well, yes. It’s been busy. But, that’s a good thing, since this business is *my* business, my livelihood… my new job.

So, shall we?  ……  Come on in to the office!


When you go down the stairs into our basement, you’ll be in Jed’s office (to be featured later…) and that’s where you are in this photo. We saved our IKEA modular desk ends, and trashed the hollowcore melamine tabletop I was using before the move. We replaced it with this fabulous solid wood antique 2-panel door from the Dover Habitat for Humanity Restore. I really did plan on painting it a fabulous color, but yep… still ivory. Still too busy…

The room color is Martha Stewart’s Sisal, which I thought looked like the muted version of the Chartreuse-y green in my Copper Poppy logo.


One good thing about this room, is that it came with this huge, old-school kitchen Island, which I’m assuming they used for laundry, storage, etc, and actually wasn’t in this spot originally…  I took off the doors to one of the long shelves so I could fit my stool (and legs) comfortably underneath while  I’m hammering —  this really worked out well, and I’m totally going to do another arrangement like this in the future — it’s so great to work on one side, and then head to the other side — where I store all the packaging and shipping stuff — and get things packed and ready to go.


You might notice the fact that the entire portion of the floor under the unit has no carpet….

I discovered this — while working and sniffing constantly for *just where* that odor was coming from — that they probably tore up that patch of carpet due to <ahem> pet issues. The odors have been mitigated by steaming the carpets and scrubbing the concrete with bleach water. So it’s nice and fresh now, and actually, it’s a blessing in disguise because I get to hammer on a completely hard surface.

So, there you go… My perfect little studio. It’s temporary — in that in a year or so, we won’t be here… but it really does work for now. It’s comfy, very spacious, and a signifcant height improvement from the prior Hobbit Room. 🙂

So there you go….  Behind the Scenes at The Copper Poppy!