So there’s this house.


We took the afternoon to do some exploring and headed up north to visit proverbial and promising Deerfield – land of  stone walls, hilltop views, and sprawling estates in varying conditions.

Using the Sprintcard, I cruised around online listings while WE cruised around scenic roads — seriously, some so gorgeous, it looked like we were driving through the Autumn issue of some  fabulous magazine. And you’re going to have to imagine it all, because when I pulled out my camera to snap a few pics — I got a little “no memory card” warning. BLECH.

We found a few places we deemed too remote – even for our adventuresome side… And then we stumbled along this place … and let me tell you… it was SO MUCH MORE GORGEOUS in person.


It’s big — 6 bedrooms, 3 baths big. On 13 acres. There’s an old barn off to the right of the property, and a four car garage. It seemed to be uninhabited, so we parked the Buick and walked around. I immediately scurried down to the barn. It towered above — with weathered cedar siding and huge granite boulders for the foundation. Behind the barn were these amazing, rolling pastures far back until the tree line, which was in its full Autumn glory– bright red and yellow sugar maples.

The door to the barn was missing, the beams swayed with age, but I could imagine horses… I could envision where hay would go, stalls filled with warm bedding and nickering horses in plaid winter blankets.  I could imagine them grazing out back, viewable from the entire back of the house… There was a backdoor that opened onto a granite patio and more recent inground pool with diving board. There also seemed to be a newer ‘inlaw apartment’ between the attached barn and the house.

The house needed some tending, that’s for sure. The paint was flaking, the <working!> shutters lay a bit crooked, it needed a new roof, updated windows, some landscaping … the house seemed like it was trying to hold it’s head up high, despite years of wear.

We peeked inside –

Old, wide-plank floors. Built ins. An old kitchen, a bathroom with curling wallpaper….  ::: my heart flutters just thinking about the potential :::

It’s listed at 210,900 — less than half the assessed value — and all reasonable offers were taken until … October 29. It hits the auction block on December 13.

And in all of this, I’ve come to realize this fact — I am an old-house person. Old houses give me ideas, offer projects, and potential and drive research and history and curiosity and romanticism …


We started running the numbers –what  if we could get it for 150? 100? 175? What if we could live here, renovate there? How does one start to buy an auctioned house? Do we have to pay cash? Could we get an inspector to walk through? Is it haunted?? Bad ghosts… Good ghosts?

I already imagined the spread in Country Living highlighting our amazing renovation — featuring a fabulous light-flooded pic of us in our renovated living room —  Recently transplanted 30-something New Englanders  & their immpossibly adorable dogs outfitted in tweed…

I know, I know — I can see my Dad’s eyes rolling right now, all the way from Chicago…  And yes, it has oil heat.

But if you were only there…