There is surprisingly not alot of a time the a day, even when I don’t have to ‘go to work’ …

I usually have these romantic ideas of popping over to Portsmouth for a day of Fall browsing… ducking in and out lovely letterpress stationery stores or overpriced-but-gorgeous garden furniture shops– the kinds of places you browse but never buy anything. Or possibly going to the ocean just to walk. Or driving country lanes just to get lost (with plans to pull out the GPS and hit ‘home’ when it’s time to return.)


I’ve made this mistake of saying ‘I’m taking a break from work’ or ‘enjoying the time to explore the area before I dive back into a full time job…’ as almost an excuse or justification for not partaking in the standard 8-5. I guess I’m just not comfortable yet stating that I’m a … stay-at-home … crafter? artist? dog tag maker?  … See? It just doesn’t come off well. (Whatever happened to being a ‘homemaker’ or ‘housewife’? That’d be so much easier to explain.)

While I don’t report to an office, there is plenty of work to be done. I get up usually when Jed runs out the door early in the morning and work on catching up on emails, re-posting sold items, cleaning up messes from last night… And then, at 8:30 sharp, when my duplex-neighbor takes her daughter to school, it’s down to the studio for some mad-dash stamping. I try to squeeze the actual stamping work to daytime hours, preferably when the neighbor is gone. I’m hyper-sensitive now to how much noise we’re making after the comment a few weeks ago about the dogs, and I’m only assuming here that my repetitive metal-pounding-on-metal for a few hours straight could also border on ‘annoying’. So from 830-1, I’m actually creating pieces to be finished, packaged, and shipped later that day.

There is also entertaining and exercising the dogs, while trying to train them that the world won’t fall apart if I’m out of their sight for  more than 10 minutes.

And running to the Post Office, the craft store to re-stock goods, the grocery store …

Before I know it, it’s five and I should probably start thinking about dinner, which I’ve assigned to myself to take care of, seeing how I’m now a … Stay-at-home… ____________.

There’s no 401k, holiday bonus, or co-workers, and the office doesn’t close, but I’m enjoying it so much more. I work in my PJs, forget what day it is, lose myself in the forest behind us trying to find the best possible light for photos.

So that’s where I’m at. When I get stressed out about it … I just remember that there’s no ‘time limit’ on this. We’re not vacationing, this isn’t pretend-life that has an end date.

This is real life. And I’m working at home. I’m actually paying our rent completely out of my earnings, which makes me feel both like I’m contributing, and that I have an actual goal to meet.

See…. See?  Monthly Sales Goals. Kind of like an office, after all.