The mountains. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in the mountains?

When we moved here, I wanted a change of scenery. I wanted old forests, hills, farms bordered by ancient stone fields… and I wanted mountains. Not Rocky mountains… but… press-the-gas-harder, we’re climbin’ uphill… mountains.

We saw them on some of the drives during our prospecting trips — the gracefully sloping green hills, gradually bursting into color in October. The roads with 20+ feet granite walls — carved long ago out of the hillside.

And last weekend, we drove up and down them on our way up to the *real* mountains of the North. We saw the green hills get steeper, the vistas get more sweeping, until finally the road curved and we saw it…

Mount Washington is our tallest peak in the Northeast, at just over 6200 feet high at it’s summit. Did you know it has the highest wind speed recorded (231 miles per hour) and is ranked on of the most deadly mountain summits (apparently the temperature changes are very severe and many climbers use this as a prep for Mt Everest)…?

But we weren’t interested in that type of activity for this trip. Jed was at a Science Teacher’s convention at a Ski Resort in Conway, so I took the time to hit the small village shopping and general trail wandering…

I spent quite a bit of time walking around Conway, and I hope to come back at Christmas — everything in this place looked like a postcard — quaint shops, people bustling about in the chilliness. Restaurants repurposing old ski-lifts and sleigh seats …

The town’s Bavarian Chocolate Haus is even sponsoring a Christmastime sleigh-drawn ride through the town, stopping at each little store (with free chocolates!!!)


Anyway. So this all leads me to the thought… wouldn’t it be fabulous to live in the Mountains?

Would it be fabulous to get up everyday and see this…

And walk here?

Ok, Fine. Less than two hours drive is good enough for me. But maybe, we’ll find a house on top of a hill with a vista half as beautiful…

So… again, when are you coming to visit?