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They aren’t the  best quality ever, but I snapped a few shots — turning the laptop around, shot by shot — as I was sitting on the back deck enjoying the late afternoon. As annoying as parts of today were ( more barking/anxiety issues with the dogs, a <potentially> broken dryer, a sink clog, and my lovely husband forgetting his wallet one hour from home on his way to Northern Vermont), this evening, at twilight, was so lovely.

It’s frustrating sometimes — trying to figure things out on your own with no close-by friends or neighbors. Accomplishing even the mundane things– like discovering how garbage is collected or where the nearest gas station and grocery store is (when *someone* in the family took the GPS and maps) turn into unexpected challenges. But, in a way, they’re exciting adventures. Today, I drove through the most stunning scenery on my way up to Concord — a road that I had traveled before that seemed mundane, is now burst in full color. It was just beautiful, and I would have not seen it if there wasn’t a reason to go.

I leave you with a 360 of our back lawn at dusk. The toil is worth it, I’m positive.