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About Face!

I’ve gone from wanting to paint every room, get new furniture — start a new “East Coast” vibe in this place… to make it rustic, antique, yet refined —  something… better.

We bought two cans of paint for the office / studio space downstairs and haven’t used them yet… I’m questioning the repainting in the rest of the house.


I think we’re pulling back from the initial OMIGODITSNEWANDPERFECT and getting a bit more used to hearing the blow dryer next door every morning, the stairs creak for the millionth time when they head up OR downstairs, the next-door sneezes, coughs, the toilet flushing, the washer washing…. And I know that thin walls on one side are just as thin on the other.

Our Duplex-mate popped over on Sunday to say that the dogs barked when we were out…. alot. Like ALOT.

So of course, super-sensitive, good-neighbor me wants to do anything to fix it – STAT. I took them with me to the grocery store; I took them to the dogpark and played ball to tire them out. I kept them in the basement when I was doing tags. And then I realized… I’m spending a few hours a day hammering on metal —  I bet that’s loud. Turns out, you can hear a dull version of my basement hammering on the first floor. And the second floor. And if we hear it — I’m sure our neighbor does too… Ugh.

So I’ve started watching when she leaves — trying to do the hammering when she’s gone. Or running out for errands or  leaving the dogs with bones or out of the crate … to be QUICK just to make as little impact as possible. I’ve even thought about turning the shed into my studio. In a New England Winter.

I mean. DUDE. We pay rent here too, right?

So, while I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer – I need to find my voice of reason: we *rent* in a Duplex. And while it’s nice, it has shared walls.  It’s not OUR home forever. We need not unpack every box or get totally hunkered down…

Our dream home is to come…

But in the meantime, here is how things are shaping up: