It’s been a productive and exhausting past few days… from receiving our 405 … that’s right… FOUR HUNDRED AND FIVE inventoried pieces off the moving truck — to unpacking, cleaning, organizing, and deciding how to make everything fit in a new space — it’s been quite a process.

I was so excited with the unfilled space when we got here and instantly started to dream up what we could do with it. I know it’s a rental, so we need to show some restraint, but I was super inspired by that lovely wood beam separating our kitchen from the living area… and the Restoration Hardware magazine that happened to appear in my new mailbox didn’t help.

I’m thinking whites, creams, wickers, and am currently completely in love with this reclaimed, weathered grey-wood look…

And, when our stuff arrived and started filling up the space, I’ll admit, I was kind of dissapointed. It started to look like our same old house again — just here.

I know I’ll come back to reality and add some new pieces as we find them at shops and antique stores and fairs…. eventually, it’ll start to feel like home, just a little different. So, for starters, I picked up this chair at IKEA yesterday and a wicker basket to match, and I wish we had enough $ right now for a pair to put on either side of our big window up front, but alas… one chair will do for now, and I think it’ll be up in our bedroom, in our window nook.

And speaking of bedrooms, that color needs to get gone, stat. So much to do, but it’ll get there eventually, and I promise, pics will follow.