Our moving stuff comes tomorrow, but in the meantime, we’ve set up camp here in the main room downstairs, since the rooms upstairs don’t have overhead lights… and we don’t have lamps yet.

It’s been a nice two days getting to know this house. Time has been spent cleaning, but also assessing — which room would be *best* for what… which room seems more like an office, more like a studio.

Days have flown by and taken their time, both at the same time. Mornings have started with breakfast, scheming… driving to the Coffeehouse closer to town, doing a bit of work, and inevitably ending up in Target or Lowes for something we’ve forgotten or need.

I’ve spent a better part of the day shampooing carpets — the only ones in the house are the stairs up and down, and the basement rooms. It’s me vs. Eau de Kitty Litter around here, and after two shampooings, I think I *may* have won.


Tomorrow comes the stuff. 8am sharp.