So, in a fortunate turn of events, I suppose… my last day at work ended up being Tuesday. It’s actually a blessing in disguise, I’m sure, as I got to spend all day yesterday helping pack, organize and clean. And surf the net, take a nap, and find some cute brown flats at Target.

I’m kinda digging this not working thing, at least for right now, and have toyed around with the idea of taking a break until after the New Year to really focus on getting moved in, acclimated to the area, and actually give working on my Etsy business a real go. That said, I’ve been speaking to this business owner out East — who owns a small staffing company — who seems to have real interest in bringing me on in some capacity.


I worry about more of the same — I worry about making this move and ending up in the same place. I worry that these worries are completely non-sensical. I think that maybe this might be my chance to shrug Staffing — the only industry I’ve known (and didn’t particularly care for) , but for what?  I think that another office job, another sales-driven environment will seriously put a wrench in my wistful, romantic plans. But then I think about money. And retirement. And the need to feel like I’m productive and supporting — I’m used to being a financial equal, if not slightly more. I also worry about shutting a door I haven’t really even opened.

Anyway. Stick it in a box … that’s where everything else is going these days. Then on a truck, then 1000 miles East.

Hopefully I’ll have it resolved by then.