You know what’s crazy? The fact that all of us holds the ability to say just a few words that will change everything.

You know how you feel before you say them – you imagine what it will be like after you say them…You ponder how will things change. What will people say.  You wonder what it will  be like after this …


So I quit my job yesterday.

“I’m giving my two week’s notice” …That’s all it took.


No more Monday night staff meetings, no more commuting 45 minutes each way… no more salary…. no more …. everything that I complained about for all these years… no more knowing that even if it’s not perfect — you know what to expect, at least.  8 years, it’s been. And that’s a long time.

I was met with excitement and bit of envy in the way of … “Oh,  I wish I could do that” sentiment… so that’s making me feel a bit better. I never thought that I would march out, guns blazing, triumphant that I ‘stuck it to ’em’.

The reality is still setting in that things are going to change drastically, and the clock is ticking louder these days. We need to call the moving truck, we need to change our insurance, we need to get our tenant’s lease signed and keys exchanged and checks collected and … we need to pack.  Our tenants – if they sign the lease – seem to be good, so that’s something that offers a piece of mind. They seem to have both the handy resourcefulness and attention to detail that our house needs, and we prefer, so hopefully it works out as well as we think it might.

There’s so much unknown right now, and for all the planning and screening, and organization, you’ll never really know until it unfolds. So I’m focusing on the possibility – what’s to come – and relying on that excitement and adventuresome mentality that got us here in the first place. 

Sometimes I have to stop and remember…