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It’s that time again…. Ready for the third option….?
Meet the best of both worlds – the Duplex on Coastal Way!
Not really on the coast, this woodland duplex is a modern side-by-side home in the middle of a forest. It’s nice and private- a good quarter mile between homes – and  shared with a mom and her daughter, both are outdoor enthusiasts.  The owners, who are dog lovers, are moving to the city and looking someone to move in who will take care of their place. And get this … they prefer dog owners! Love it! The home is located in serene Greenland, which is 10-minutes from Portsmouth, 8 minutes from Rye Beaches, and just 1 hour to either Boston or Portland.
Coastal Way PROS:
  • Ideal location – right off the highway, but feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere
  • It’s not on the beach, but it’s as close as we can afford
  • Two large bedrooms, full bath, and the master is huge
  • Updated throughout – nice wood floors, big windows, fireplace
  • Storage, Storage and more Storage – they have a basement and workshop under the main living level
Coastal Way CONS:
  • It’s the top of our budget, if even slightly over
  • No garage
  • Not totally detached
  • In charge of our own snow removal and lawn care
So… should we go for broke and go for the Coastal Property in the Woods?
What do you think?