Ready for our 2nd contender?

Meet the Writer’s Cottage in picturesque and very desirable Rye, NH!

This beautiful Cottage is a mere three (THREE!) blocks from the Atlantic. It’s on the property of a larger home, with a shared driveway between the homes.  The area is gorgeous – million dollar homes on sprawling estates, stone walls, towering trees — coastal living at it’s best! When it comes to location, this truly can’t be beat. The cottage is right off a major highway, while still feeling somewhat remote and perfectly New England. And guess what else — Author Dan Brown rented this place as his writer’s cottage! ( He’s a native of Exeter, NH!)

Writer’s Cottage PROS:

  • Amazing location — both for commutes/ work, within walking distance to the ocean.
  • Gorgeous neighborhood — safe, walkable, beautiful —  would be a taste of living we’re not normally used to!
  • Beautiful inside, woodstove(!), updated kitchen, paned bay window, big closets
  • Washer and Dryer included (this is the only place with this feature, others just have hookups)
  • Nice deck and backyard area
  • Affordable with 6 or 8 month option (nice flexibility!)
  • Big bedroom,but it’s the only one.

Writer’s Cottage CONS:

  • It’s small. Like 900 square feet small.
  • Visitors? We’d need a pullout couch or bring your own blow up mattress!
  • Owners are  ‘open’ to dogs, but we worry about their openness when Darby barks for 10 minutes straight or Poppy freaks out at squirrels
  • We’re close to the owners. Like we share a driveway. Would we always feel like we were ‘staying over?’ instead of living there?
  • Place for an office? Studio for stamping?
  • No storage. We’d need a storage unit for our bigger items.

Choices, choices… the plot thickens!

So, friends? What do you think? Is living the posh life among fabulous beachside estates worth it?

Can’t wait to hear! And guess what… tomorrow brings a fabulous option. A bit more expensive, but a strong contender!