Jed has spent a tireless weekend searching high and low for the right rental when we arrive out East. Of course, my mind is filled with ideas of soaring woodland cabins, beachy seashore cottages, fabulous farm fixer-uppers… and you know,  I’m already imagining our future address labels bearing the scenic addresses — Coastal Drive, Pine Ave, etc.

Sigh… Instead, real life brings semi-renovated turn-of-the-century cottages, duplexes, and tiny beach rentals. But through the sifting, Gallant Jed The Apartment Finder has narrowed the search down to a few good options, and we’ve put in applications at 3, possibly 4 places, that have come out top.

Want to help us decide?

Here’s the criteria:

  • Good location  (I’ll clarify in our listings so you know where they stack up) – either for work or near things we want to get to
  • Yard / greenspace for dogs and 1st level access to that greenspace
  • Clean, mostly up-to-date. We’re okay with a bit of ‘patina’ – but no grunge
  • Somewhat stand-alone arrangement (no complexes)
  • Around 1400 or less per month, not including utilities
  • Storage space

Meet Property No. 1….

Pine Street is in Dover, a cute, sleepy little Northern town, Approx 20 minutes to the Seacoast / Portsmouth, 20 minutes to beaches, near the Maine border (1 hr to Portland)…. essentially  20-30  minutes more ‘North’ than most else we’re looking at, but somewhat in the area that we may purchase in (because it’s more affordable). The area is peppered with turn of the century properties, single family homes, and established neighborhoods. Nothing fancy and totally serviceable.

Pine Street Pros:

  • Lots of rooms – two little upstairs rooms (offices? guest? studio?)
  • Master bedroom downstairs, bath with 2 sinks
  • Fenced Yard for pups
  • Very attentive and friendly landlord, the one that seems most eager for us to move in
  • Lawncare done for us
  • Most affordable option
  • Near cute town

Pine Street Cons:

  • Another old house, kind of quirky and odd
  • Parking space only, no garage
  • Distance (20 extra minute commute) – not more South, near coast, etc
  • While condition is serviceable, it’s the least ‘polished’ property in the final list.
  • Neighborhood is … lived in. Nothing seems to be updated or ‘manicured’

Thoughts? Comments? We’ve love some clarity —  we’ve put in applications on all top properties, letting fate help guide this course (… someone else rented it….  c’est la vie!)

Get ready for tomorrow’s property…. it’s an exciting one!!! (hint… the Author Dan Brown — a Exeter, NH native — used this as his writing studio!!)